Advice For Travellers

Advice can be given on travel anywhere for business or pleasure.

You will need to make an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss where you will be travelling. The nurse will check on a specialised website to see if any vaccinations are compulsory or recommended for the area you will be going to.

If you are going abroad at short notice it is possible to arrange immunisation quickly and advice will be given. Future trips may then only require a booster.

Rabies vaccine is not usually offered in advance, but may be required if you are working with animals or visiting isolated area where rabies occurs.

If you need YELLOW FEVER vaccination you can organise this first, leaving plenty of time to fit in other injection. To do this you will need to contact Stirchley Medical Practice on 01952 660444.

Please REMEMBER to bring all previous injection certificates with you to your first appointment.

If you have any problems or queries regarding your travel then please consult the Practice Nurse.

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